Guitarist William Coulter is a renowned performer, teacher and recording artist. He has explored the world of traditional music as both a soloist and a member of ensembles including Isle of Skye, Orison, and the Coulter-Phillips Ensemble.
He began recording for Gourd Music with the release of Orison. Since then he has recorded many albums for Gourd including the best-selling Shaker music CD Simple Gifts, and the critically acclaimed Celtic Sessions.
Born in New Jersey and trained on piano and classical guitar, William's discovery of Celtic music led him to a MA in Ethnomusicology and a celebrated career as a Celtic guitarist.
Celtic Music from William Coulter
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Celtic Sessions
(GM 126)
The Road Home
(GM 135)
Book of Arrangements for Celtic Crossing
Celtic Crossing
(GM 121)
The Crooked Road
(GM 129)
The Road Home Celtic Sessions
The Crooked Road
Celtic Crossing
Music of the Shakers - William Coulter & Barry Phillips
Simple Gifts Collection
(GM 131)
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music on SoundCloud.
Tree of Life
(GM 114)
Simple Gifts
(GM 106)
Music on the Mountain
(GM 123)
Simple Gifts Music on the Mountain
Tree of Life
William Coulter with
One Lane Bridge
William Coulter & Benjamin Verdery
Happy Here
William Coulter & Deby Benton Grosjean
Jefferson's Fiddle
Happy Here
(GM 104)
Celtic Voyage
(GM 128)
Jefferfson's Fiddle
(GM 141)
Celtic Voyage