Danny Carnahan
Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie
Hammered dulcimer, guitar, octave mandolin and violin -- from traditional to folk-rock. Original and traditional instrumentals and songs. Both recordings nominated for "indie" recordings awards.
Journeys of the Heart
(with vocals) includes I Know My Love, True Thomas, The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington, Turas Go Tir Na nn'Og and more.
No Regrets
(with vocals) includes High Time, Loser, Farewell to the Gold, Dimming of the Day, Sweet Young Thing, The Drinking Man and more.
Also available:

Continental Drift
All instrumental offering from Petrie & Carnahan.Selections include The Roses
Grow, Flying, Indian Summer, Danse Bulgare and Branle Gai.

Danny Carnahan & Wake the Dead
The way this hot Northern California septet blends Celtic traditional music and the songs of the Grateful Dead is delighting Deadheads, folkies, jam band fans, and adventurous music lovers alike around the world.

Blue Light Cheap Hotel
The latest release from "Wake the Dead" features:
Sugar Magnolia, Stella Blue, Tennessee Jed, He's Gone, Music for A Found Harmonium, Lady With A Fan & many more.
Wake the Dead
Their first release featuring:
Lord Inchiquin/Sugaree, Touch of Grey/Jack the Lad,
Friend of the Devil and many more.
Buckdancer's Choice
The second release from this all star acoustic ensamble features:
Liberty/ Humours of Tullough, Prodigal Town, Uncle John's Band, Ripple, The Pipe on the Hob
& more.
Wake the Dead's 8-piece line-up :
(top) Joe Craven, (middle row from left), Brian Rice, Cindy Browne, Danny Carnahan, Paul Kotapish, (front row from left) Maureen Brennan, Sylvia Herold, Kevin Carr
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