The Once & Future Harp - Song List

1. Native Spirit (C.A. Fulton, 1989) 7:38
2. The Poet (C.A. Fulton, 1990) 10:21
with Roy Whelden, viola da gamba
3. Arizona (C.A. Fulton, 1989) 5:29
4. Romanesca (Italian, 17th Century, arr. C.A. Fulton) 2:23
5. Adam's Friend (C.A. Fulton, 1990) 2:53
with Kit Higginson, psaltery
6. Winter Song (C.A. Fulton, 1990) 3:46
7. Lamento di Tristano and La Rotta (Anonymous) 5:31
8. Virgin Light (C.A. Fulton, 1990) 5:53
with Diana Stork, harp
9. Love & Light (Diana Stork, 1989) 2:45

Produced and engineered by Daniel Drasin
Program Notes by Cheryl Ann Fulton
Cover design and photo by Daniel Drasin
Inside photo by Paul Schraub
Graphics by Gail Rich

This recording was made in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona, in an oak forest outside Nevada City, California and at Lyra Studio in Oakland, California.

Special Thanks To: Kit Higginson, Janaia Donaldson and Bill Malgren,
Neal Hellman, Brugh Joy, Gary Lister, Brian O'Leary, R. Maurice Olhsson,
Alphaa Sue Phoenix, Liz Saya, Diana Stork, Roy Whelden, David Whyte.

This album is dedicated to Diana Stork for encouraging and inspiring me to write my own music, and for her dedication to and love of the harp.All compositions written and/or arranged by Cheryl Ann Fulton (BMI) except Love & Light.

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