Tender Shepherd - Song List

  1. Cradle Song 4:45
  2. Bernard the Butterfly 3:22
  3. Let It Be A Dance 2:56
  4. Bally Loo Lammy 3:05
  5. The Price of My Pig 4:10
  6. Sheep May Safely Graze 3:19
  7. Foggy Dew 3:30
  8. All the Pretty Little Horses 3:01
  9. Quiet Land of Erin 3:35
  10. All Through the Night 2:22
  11. Highland Lullaby 1:48
  12. Gartan Mother's Lullaby 3:52
  13. Irish Lamentation 3:22
  14. Tender Shepherd 4:49

Kim Robertson, Celtic Harp
Steve Yeager: Vibes on All the Pretty Little Horses, Sheep May Saftey Graze; Bells and vibes on Tender Shepherd.
Brian Wicklund: Mandolin on Bernard the Butterfly, Sheep May Safely Graze, The Price of My Pig and All Through the Night.
Elizabeth Anderson: Viola on Foggy Dew.
Shelley Phillips: English Horn on Tender Shepherd.
Barry Phillips: Cello on Tender Shepherd.

Let It Be A Dance and all arrangements of traditional melodies © Kim Robertson (BMI).
Bernard the Butterfly © Brian Wicklund, Witch's Tree Music (BMI).

Recorded by: Robert Hughes at Audio Advances, Minneapolis MN.
Post Production: Barry Phillips, Neal Hellman & Gail Rich
Additional Recording at Bear Creek & Planet L Studios, Santa Cruz, CA.
Liner Notes: Gail Rich & Neal Hellman
Album Design: Lynn Piquett

Front Cover: The Peaceable Kingdom c. 1828-30. by Edward Hicks (1780-1849).
From The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center, courtesy of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

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