Music on the Mountain Artists' Biographies

William Coulter and Barry Phillips have been recording with Gourd Music since their debut album Orison in 1988. Since then they have produced two other volumes of instrumental arrangements of Shaker music -- Simple Gifts (1990), and Tree of Life (1993), as well as other recordings including William's Celtic Crossing (1995) and Barry's The World Turned Upside Down . (1992).

William's current passion is traditional Celtic music and songs, and he is preparing a second recording of instrumental Celtic music for Gourd. As well as performing and recording traditional music William also plays classical guitar and teaches at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Freelance recording engineering and producing, and regular visits to the park with his two year old son keep him busy the rest of the time.

Barry has been 'cellist and percussionist with Orison, Martin Simpson's Band of Angels and The Anjali Quartet . He received his MM in composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 1990. Moving back to Santa Cruz with his wife Shelley in 1991, he has been performing, recording and composing. Recently, he's been preparing for an upcoming Gourd album of early American country dance tunes.

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photo of William Coulter and Barry Phillips