Bohemian Salon
Robin Petrie & Shelley Phillips

Gourd Music is proud to announce Bohemian Salon a new recording by Robin Petrie (Hammered dulcimer) and Shelley Phillips (Celtic harp, oboe & flute).

Bohemian Salon is an all-instrumental collection of tunes from around the globe.
Robin and Shelley are joined by Peter Maund (frame drum), Shira Kammen (fiddle & vielle) and Barry Phillips (cello & percussion).

Robin is featured on many of the Gourd Music recordings and in the past has released two Christmas recordings: A Victorian Christmas and A Victorian Noël.

Shelley has appeared on over 20 recordings on the Gourd Music label. Her albums include The Fairie Round, Pavane, The Butterfly, and The Wood Between the Worlds.

A Victorian Christmas
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Track Listing

1. Au Gavarrat (Gascony)

2. Boyne Water (Ireland)

3. Coilsfield House (Scotland)

4. The Blackbird (Ireland)

5. Xinjiang Folk Tune (China)

6. Kalonji (Robin Petrie)

7. The Snows they Melt the Soonest (England)/The Rights of Man (Ireland)

8. Bidh Clann Ulaidh (Scotland)

9. Pomashko Shirto (Bulgaria)

10. Dans Plin (Breton)

11. Scarborough Fair (England)

12. Variations on a Greek Folk Tune

13. Bisonpolskan*(Olov Johansson)

14. Bagpipers (England)

15. Morgan Magan (Turlough O’Carolan)

16. Studentenmarch (The Netherlands)

Listen to selections from Bohemian Salon on SoundCloud.
*Bisonpolskan is only on the Cd.