Mermaid Madonna, written and directed by local playwright Stephanie Golino, is a dynamic and poetic portrayal of the effects of an actual global event: the arrival of tremendous numbers of refugees, most fleeing the war in Syria, to a small fishing village on the island of Lesvos, Greece in 2015. The extraordinary response of the people of the village inspired the nomination of a grandmother and a fisherman for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The play is set in the fishing village, Skala Sikamineas, in the aftermath of the crisis.
The villagers attempt to restore the rhythms of normal life by holding the traditional
Festival of the Mermaid Madonna. In one eventful evening shared stories
take shape, ignite memories, and breathe a life of their own.

This theater piece incorporates movement, characters, storytelling and music and features a multitalented ensemble of nine actors working in both traditional and physical theater styles.
All cast members, especially collaborators Julie Oak and Sam Ritchie, made contributions to the development of this work.

For our 2019 performances our musicians are:
Sarah Michael (Qanun), Peter Cor (Keyboards)
Mark Bradlyn (Electric Oud & Bouzouki).