Evening Shade/Ecstasy

“Evening Shade/Ecstasy” – Shelley and Barry Phillips
From the recording: Wondrous Love Produced by Barry and Shelley Phillips
Recorded and mixed by: Barry Phillips and Justin Mayer
Bear Creek Studios, Santa Cruz, CA (1993 - 1994).
Mastered by: Rainer Gembalczyk
Publishing: Gourd Music (BMI) /Koustic Music (BMI).

Laurie Hart -fiddle
Lars Johannesson – wooden flute
William Coulter – guitar
Shelley Phillips – oboe, English horn and harp
Neal Hellman – mountain dulcimer
Todd Phillips – bass

Tune: Stephen Jenks, 1805
Words: John Leland, 1792
Meter: Short Meter (6,6,8,6)

“Evening Shade”
The day is past and gone,
The evening shades appear;
Oh may we all remember well,
The night of death is near.

We lay our garments by,
Upon our beds to rest:
So death will soon disrobe us all,
Of what we here possess.

Tune: Thomas W. Carter, 1844
Words: John Leland, 1793
Meter: 7s,6s (7,6,7,6)

Oh, when shall I see Jesus,
And reign with Him above?
And from the flowing fountain
Drink everlasting love?

Oh had I wings,
I would fly away and be at rest,
And I'd praise God in His bright abode.

Whene'er you meet with troubles
And trials on your way,
Then cast your care on Jesus
And don't forget to pray.


Gird on the gospel armor
Of faith and hope and love,
And when the combat's ended,
He'll carry you above.


Oh, do not be discouraged,
For Jesus is your friend;
And if you lack for knowledge,
He'll not refuse to lend.


Neither will He upbraid you,
Though often you request;
He'll give you grace to conquer,
And take you home to rest.

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