Singing in Irish Gealic: An Example From the Book:
Translation (Little Birds)

Little birds, little birds, Go to sleep, go to sleep,
Little birds, little birds, Go to sleep, go to sleep.
Click here to hear the above 8 bars of Éiníní spoken (mp3 format).
Click here to hear the above 8 bars of Éiníní sung (mp3 format).
This book is meant to be used with the accompanying CD for instructional purposes. The phonetics I give in the book must be considered only a rough guide to the pronunciation of the language; the real pronunciation is contained on the CD. I would encourage you to alter my phonetic system, if necessary, to suit your ear and reflect your own regional pronunciation.

On the CD, I speak each phrase and then leave a pause for you to repeat it. I would suggest going over the phrases several times before attempting to sing the song. I have put the spoken version and the sung version on different tracks to help this process.

In the book, the phonetics are in plain text and the Irish appears below in italics.

I have graded the songs in levels of linguistic and musical difficulty. I would suggest you work through the book in order to help build your skills. The last six songs are more challenging than the first eight, so there is always something to work towards!
List of Songs:
Aynyeenee (Éiníní)
Beh Aynokh Amawrokh (Beidh Aonach Amárach)
Bawjeen Elihmee (Báidín Fheidhlimidh)
Ver Mee Ó (Bheir Mí Ó)
Evleen Ah Roon (Eibhlín A Rún)
Fol Ee Ó Hó Ró (Fol Í Ó Hó Ró)
Rinka Philip A Khyóil (Rince Philip A Cheoil)
Hugamar Hayn On Sauroo Lin (Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn)
Neel Shay Na Law (Níl Sé ’Na Lá)
Shee Duh Wamó Ee (Sí Do Mhamó Í)
Far Ah Wawta (Fear An Bháta)
Aymon Ah Khrik (Éamonn An Chnoic)
Bookhil Ón Ayrnya (Buachaill Ón Éirne)
Taw May Muh Hee (Tá Mé ’Mo Shuí)