Gourd Artists on Tour
Coulter/Phillips/ Grosjean Ensemble

All the beauty of traditional music and all the excitement of modern instrumentation, arrangement, and performance.”In Music Magazine

William Coulter - guitar
Barry Phillips - cello & tabla
Shelley Phillips - harp & woodwinds
Deby Benton Grosjean - fiddle.
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Deby Benton-Grosjean — Fiddler Extraordinaire
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For more information on Deby or her performances, please email her at grsjn@cruzio.com OR call (831)761-8228. Please be sure to check out Deby's wonderful recording's Beyond the Shore and
O'er the Moor, Among the Heather

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Neal Hellman — The Dulcimer Guy
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Mary Mc Laughlin
Irish Singer and Songwriter
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William Coulter — Steel String Guitar
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Mary's home page: www.marymclaughlin.com

Please be sure to check out Mary's recordings:
Daughter of Lir and
The Crystal Shoe.
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Robin Petrie
Kim Robertson - Celtic Harp
Martin Simpson
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