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Tunes from Scandinavia
Sackpipslåt från Norra Råda
Sackpipslåt is a Swedish bagpipe tune from Northern Värmland that has become very popular among fans of traditional Swedish music. A Sackpipslåt is a type of Swedish bagpipe. Tune D-A-C (D is the bass string). This is quite the tricky little tune, requiring many hammers, pulls and slides. I utilize my three middle fingers always thinking ahead a bar or two for positioning.
This tune along with Konvulsionslåten can be heard on The Butterfly by Shelley Phillips.
Click here for a 30 second sound sample of Sackpipslåt från Norra Råda.
Click the picture for information about Northern Värmland.
Konvulsionslåten by Anders Norudde
Anders composed Konvulsionslåten on his Moraharpa, a 16th century keyfiddle.
Click here to hear a Midi file of this piece. Tune D-A-C (D is the bass string). Both Sackpipslåt från Norra Råda. and Konvulsionslåten are in the Dorian Mode of D.
Click the album cover for information about Anders Noridde's latest recording.
Emma's Valtz - A waltz from Finland. Tune D-A-D and capo first fret. For additional information on Emma's Waltz, click here.
If you enjoy this type of music check out this page: The American Nyckelharpa Association
Munga Låten - A Swedish March. Based on the arrangement of Michael Rugg which appeared
on "The Pacific Rim Dulcimer Project".
Mandon, mod ochm morska mån (Bravery, Courage and Fearless Men) - A Swedish tune learned from the playing of Ensemble Polaris from their wonderful recording Midnight Sun on Dorian Recordings #93195. This tune also appear on William Coulter's The Road Home.
Additional Tabs:
O Ho The Pretty Chain - A Shaker song for Mother Ann. This melody is performed by Barry Phillips on his album Cello.
Neal's Maggot - A sprightly 18th century Irish dance tune for you playing pleasure.
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